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Ikigai compounds two Japanese words: iki meaning «life» and gai meaning «result». Hence, Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means «a reason for being». The word refers to having a meaningful direction: our purpose in life.

Having a clear and defined ikigai gives satisfaction, passion, happiness, and meaning to life. At Towa our Ikigai is clear…

At Towa International, we contribute to people’s health. We are dedicated to genuine smiles

We want to be an active player in the national sustainability health systems and provide high-quality and valued medicines through our R&D center, as well as the international presence and strategic alliances, to patients around the world.



Quality, safety and efficacy of our medicines.


Health and quality of life of patients.


Sustainability of public health systems and health promotion.


Good governance and ethical and responsible practices.


Transparency and creation of valuable relationships with our stakeholders.


Reduction of the environmental impact of our activities.


We have a shared vision

As part of Towa, we are health ambassadors, starting with ourselves and our surroundings. #WeAreCommittedToHealth 

We are more than 900 professionals across 4 countries: Spain, Italy, Portugal, and the United States of America.

Towa’s human team is behind the success of our high-quality products and services.

They are our key element

Real people who internalize the corporate philosophy as part of their DNA and work every day to contribute directly to the purpose of our company.

We want to be recognized for caring for people’s health, starting with our own, and for flexibility.

We want to be the company where people decide to stay because of our purpose and our well-being.

We have two axes of the value proposition to our employees and part of the culture that as Towa we want to promote.


We are going to work intensely to advance with measures in both areas so that all of us can balance our personal lives with the responsibilities of our work. This will improve the efficiency of our organization and our health and well-being.

From Towa
to the World

Our Journey begins in 1951

Towa Pharmaceutical was founded in Osaka, Japan as a wholesale and brokerage of pharmaceutical raw materials.

Towa Group contributes to people’s health by creating superior products and services.

Through our corporate activities, we aim to be a company that is valued and needed by patients, medical professionals, local communities, and others.

In 2020 Towa became international by adding the Pensa Pharma business, a well-established patent medicine platform with a commercial presence in the US and the EU and R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

Through this internationalization milestone, Towa International headquarters were established in Barcelona, Spain.

At Towa International, we work to research, develop and market generic and value-added medicines (VAM) that contribute to improving the health of patients. In turn, they allow greater availability and better management of treatments for health professionals and support the sustainability of health systems in more than 30 countries in which we operate.


Our story together




Towa Pharmaceutical was founded.


Pensa originates from PPI expertise and a non-infringement formulation of Omeprazole


Contruction of Martorelles (Barcelona) manufacturing and R&D facilities


Mr. Itsuro Yoshida became the president


Creation of B2B business 


Osaka Research Center and Osaka Distribution Center are constructed at Ichiban-cho, Kadoma, Osaka


Launch of Omeprazole 


Towa was listed on stock exchange 


Pensa Pharma Foundation


Start of the internationalisation phaseExpanded Pensa into Italy with the purchase of 20 additional products. 


Built pilot plant and expanded R&D capabilities. Entered Portugal through the acquisition of toLife, adding 30 additional products to Pensa’s portfolio 


Entered U.S.A with acquisition of Breckenridge. Entered Sweeden 


Towa purchases Daichi Kasei Co., Ltd., and makes it subsidiary 


Entered Germany 


Established Greencaps Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Foundation of Towa Pharma International Holding




Expansion manufacturing facilities 


Towa purchases Protosera Inc. and makes it subsidiary  


Internalization process. Entering South America and Middle East though licenses 


Towa purchases Sunsho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and makes it subsidiary


Towa Presence in Japan

We ensure to cover all the phases
of our value chain in our products

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

Research and Development of Finished Dosage Forms (FDFs)

Regulatory Affairs and Quality Control

Manufacturing and Stable product supply

Marketing and distribution

Towa Pharmaceutical
In numbers


generic medicines company ranking in Japan


in sales


R&D investment


medicinal effect and mechanism






tablets per year


Research centers 


Manufacturing plant

Entering new
health-related business

As one of our challenges, we aim for creating a future that provides full coverage of medical expenses to care for pre-symptomatic disease and prevention for society with a long and healthy life expectancy.

In line with our vision of contributing to people’s health, we will work to create new health-related businesses that are suited to the new medical system, while acquiring new techniques and integrating them with completely new knowledge and technologies.

Specifically, we will help build an infrastructure to create ideal local communities, and contribute to extending healthy life expectancy by providing necessary health promotion services to people in need of them.

Among our key measures, we will be launching testing services for determining disease risks, expanding the KENTO Healthcare Science Center, which opened in 2019 to conduct joint research with the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center to extend healthy life expectancy, and collecting/ utilizing information obtained from testing to provide appropriate health-related services.

Key measures

  • Building a foundation for extending healthy life expectancy by utilizing key data
  • Contributing to the Comprehensive Community Care System
  • Further enhancing the lineup of products and services to maintain and improve health
  • Entering disease risk testing service business
  • Creating synergies with existing businesses

Ethics &

At Towa, we promote a culture of ethics and integrity, based on our Ethics Code, which is a compass to guide our business
decisions with integrity. Our Ethics Code is both an internal guideline for the employees and an external statement of corporate
values and commitments that also must be observed by our stakeholders (suppliers, customers or agents operating on our behalf).

We are committed to do business only with 3rd parties that operate in an ethical manner consistent with our own principles.

We recognize the importance of an open communication when it comes to addressing concerns related to the misconduct or
violation of our ethical principals.