Increasing the countries and regions where our products are present

Towa International leads business development worldwide with a direct presence in Europe and the United States.

Based on our vision of  “contribution to people’s health,” we are using our platform in several European countries and the United States as well as the production bases in Europe compliant with the European and American standards to:
  1. Further expand our business globally through sustainable growth

  2. Offer our value-added products to people around the world

  3. Maintain and enhance our competitiveness by launching new products based on the needs of each country

Additionally, we are expanding the B2B out-licensing of value-added products developed in-house to a wide range of regions.

Over 70 APIs, mainly therapeutic drugs for high blood pressure and epilepsy, among others, are already in place in the United States.

Going forward, we will develop the business by creating a strategic product portfolio based on the needs of patients and selecting business partners appropriately.

Furthermore, in order to offer our products, which are acclaimed in Japan, to oversea places in the future, we are exploring the potential needs for our value-added products in other countries.

We are also carrying out research activities aimed at advancement into new countries in addition to Japan, the United States, and Europe.

We intend to establish a global business foundation centered around Towa International to provide high-quality, value-added medicines to patients all around the world from the three poles, Japan, the United States, and Europe.