IGBA’s 25th Annual Conference highlights the true value of the off-patent medicines industry for patients and health systems around the world


Orlando, 15 February 2023

IGBA, the International Generic and Biosimilar medicines Association, representing global manufacturers of generic and biosimilar medicines, announced today that experts and leaders from the local and global generic and biosimilar medicines industries, Government and regulatory agencies, academia and other stakeholders are meeting from 15 to 16 February in Orlando, Florida to discuss key topics affecting worldwide patient access to affordable quality-assured medicines, such as:

    • Addressing the supply chain resiliency
    • Tackling the misuse of pharmaceutical intellectual property rights
    • Overcoming reputational challenges
    • Mitigating shortages
    • Advancing global regulatory convergence, harmonization and resilience
    • Strengthening the global supply chain in a context of political and trade frictions
    • Discussing trends and policies that shape the competitive market environment, impacting the sustainability of the off-patent pharmaceutical sector, and hence medium and long-term reliable and affordable access to essential medicines


“This is the first time since 2014 that IGBA’s Annual Conference has been held in the United States and it is the 25th Annual Conference since IGBA’s inception in 1997. This event is a critical inflection point for this industry. It is a time for us all to see the challenges and opportunities we have in our own market in a larger, global context. That context can be inspiring – when you realize the companies participating at the conference reach billions of patients around the world, providing the medicines they need when and where they need them”, commented the IGBA Chair Jonathan Kimball.

“Designing a sustainable market framework to allow the generic and biosimilar industries to deliver better patient access around the world, and clearly defining the policy measures that governments can adopt to combat anti-competitive behaviours, are being debated at the conference and remain our focus for the years to come”, added the IGBA Vice-Chair Adrian van den Hoven.

About IGBA

The International Generic and Biosimilar medicines Association (IGBA) strengthens cooperation between associations representing manufacturers of generic and biosimilar medicines from around the world. Adopting a patient centric approach, IGBA works to improve patients’ access to quality-assured, safe and cost-effective medicines by promoting competition and enabling innovation in the pharmaceutical sector and sustainable economic contributions for all stakeholders.