Towa launches NG Precision+, the first «all-in-one» home blood pregnancy test available in pharmacies.

• Towa’s collaboration with NG Biotech will enable the commercial launch of the first and only home blood pregnancy test with a patented «all-in-one» device.

• NG Precision+ will be exclusively available for sale in pharmacies in Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

Barcelona, 18 April 2024. Towa International, the international holding company specialized in research, development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of generic and value-added medicines, and particularly its commercial subsidiaries, Towa Spain, Italy, and Portugal, introduces NG PRECISION+ to the market, the first home blood pregnancy test exclusively available in pharmacies that allows for diagnosis with results comparable to those obtained in a laboratory with a patented all-in-one device.

NG PRECISION+ confirms a woman’s pregnancy in just five minutes, using only a drop of blood. In this sense, it is capable of detecting a very low amount (sensitivity of 10mIU/mL) of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), the hormone produced in the body at the beginning of pregnancy, providing a rapid and 100% reliable diagnosis on the expected date of menstruation, at any time and place.

NG PRECISION+ is the result of the strategic collaboration between Towa International and NG Biotech, a biotechnology company specialized in the development and manufacturing of rapid tests. «The agreement with NG BIOTECH represents a step in Towa International’s commitment to developing a strategic approach in diagnostics and reaching a larger number of people, further strengthening the presence and product offering in the pharmacy channel,» explains David Peix, CEO of Towa International.

With this innovative advancement, marketed in Spain, Italy, and Portugal, Towa International demonstrates its commitment in the field of diagnostics, offering results comparable to those obtained in the laboratory directly to consumers, providing a more reliable, convenient, and accurate pregnancy testing experience.