Towa leads the transformation towards sustainable mobility with its 100% electric fleet in Portugal

The new fleet will be destined for the entire staff of Towa’s subsidiary in Portugal.

Lisbon, May 7th, 2024. Towa International – an international holding company specializing in the research, development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of generic and value-added medicines, which distributes directly in Europe and the United States through its commercial subsidiaries, Towa Pharmaceutical and Breckenridge Pharmaceutical, and in more than 30 countries through its B2B unit – today presented in Portugal its new electric fleet for its entire Portuguese subsidiary following its agreement with Volvo, LeasePlan and Santogal, in its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

During the four years of the agreement with Volvo, Towa will receive the necessary support for the transition to a 100% electric fleet. For its part, LeasePlan will be responsible for electric mobility training for the company’s employees, while Santogal, service provider of the previous fleet, will be key in logistics.

«Towa’s decision to go for a 100% electric fleet responds to our firm commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. We are aware of the impact that transportation has on the planet and this is a further step in our contribution to reducing our carbon footprint,» says David Peix, CEO of Towa International.

In addition, Joao Paulo Nascimento, CCO of Towa International, highlights that «being the first company in Portugal with its entire electric fleet is a further demonstration of our commitment to sustainability, but also to continue providing our employees with the best tools so that they can provide excellent service to our customers and partners. To ensure the right service to our customers we have worked extensively on the new areas of our equipment ensuring that the autonomy provided by these electric vehicles is a further advantage.»

Specifically, Towa’s new fleet will consist mainly of the new Volvo EX30, the Swedish brand’s electric SUV. This selection was made after a rigorous analysis of the company’s needs and the options available on the market, taking into account factors such as autonomy, performance and safety.

An initiative that starts in Portugal and then comes to Spain and Italy

To carry out this initiative, Towa has carried out a study which concluded that 70% of its employees in Portugal have the possibility of installing charging points in their homes. In addition, the Portuguese country has an extensive network of public charging points, with more than 5,000 points in 2023 and a target of reaching 10,000 in 2024. Towa expects this initiative to be implemented also with its employees in Spain and even in Italy in the next 5 years in the commercial structure.

The adoption of a 100% electric fleet is just one more step in Towa’s commitment to sustainability. The company will continue to work to reduce its environmental impact in all its areas of activity, thus contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for everyone.