We announce our reinforcement and commitment to planet care through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Axpo Iberia

Barcelona, 18 December 2023

From Towa International, we have signed a PPA with Axpo, the largest producer of renewable energy in Switzerland and an international leader in trading and marketing of solar and wind energy, which will allow us to consume energy from 100% renewable sources generated in several solar plants that are part of the current photovoltaic portfolio that Axpo manages in Spain. Magnus Commodities, a key partner in the negotiation, participated in this agreement.

The estimated annual energy consumption for this PPA will allow us to cover 70% of the consumption of our headquarters, production plant and R&D centre in Martorelles (Barcelona) with renewable energy. This agreement, together with the rest of our agreements, the extension during 2023 of our installation of photovoltaic panels at our headquarters, production plant and R&D centre, and the rest of our internal initiatives, guarantee that 100% of our energy comes from renewable sources. With this action, in addition to those already carried out over the last three years, Towa is consolidating its commitment to caring for the planet, which is part of a roadmap towards total climate neutrality.

David Peix, CEO of Towa International, says: «Towa International’s intention is to move towards a business model where beyond our commitment to patients we ensure best practices for the care of our planet. We are currently committed to 9 of the 17 SDGs of the United Nations 2030 agenda and we know that the health of people is linked to the health of the planet. The agreement signed with AXPO allows us to continue harnessing renewable and sustainable sources and to take advantage of the sun in our region, as well as to continue fulfilling the roadmap towards climate neutrality that we have set for ourselves».

After signing the agreement, Ignacio Soneira, CEO of Axpo Iberia, expressed his satisfaction at making this project a reality: «Even in a volatile price environment like the current one, we remain committed to future markets as a profitable option in the medium and long term. This agreement will allow Towa to have energy from 100% renewable sources at its facilities under very advantageous conditions, providing price stability and reducing future uncertainties».

This action is part of our roadmap towards climate neutrality and our strong commitment to sustainability.