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At Towa, innovation is patient-centric. We are continuously engaged in a non-stop innovation process, striving towards permanent improvement.

We research to create the best version of treatments, always keeping people in mind.

R&D gives meaning to what we do: improving people’s quality of life.

Our R&D center in Barcelona is the location outside Japan where the group has established its Excellence Center for research and development of innovative sustained-release medicines, where we are focusing on:
Development of new products in all stages.
The manufacture of batches for clinical studies in our pilot plant, approved to produce investigational drugs by the Spanish authorities, EMA and the FDA.  
The registration of the specialties developed for the different business areas including the commercial subsidiaries in Europe and the United States and for our clients, thus ensuring a worldwide reach.

We have a specific focus on complex generics and Value-Added Medicines (VAM) through innovative technology as:


Complex generics are based on a complex release formulation and new therapeutic doses, among others.


VAM based on:

Relevant improvements include:

A better efficacy, safety and/or tolerability profile

A better way of administration and/or ease of use

New therapeutic uses (indication/population)

And they contribute to:

Better adherence, health outcomes or quality of life

Improved safety and efficiency of healthcare professional resources

Increased treatment options & preventing therapeutic escalation

Improved cost-effectiveness and ultimately access to healthcare

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Portfolio and

Our desire is to help as
many patients as possible,

thus we offer value-added generic medicines based on cumulative improvements that meet the needs expressed by medical professionals.

We have an extensive portfolio of medicines currently
available and in the pipeline which covers our main areas as:


Central Nervous System



And we have projects also in more than 20 other therapeutic areas.

We complement our portfolio with alliances with third-party companies as well as licenses and inorganic opportunities.

With more innovative galenic technologies that enable the development of specialized immediate-release and controlled-release formulations.

We are building a global business base to provide patients around the world with high-quality and high-added-value medicines.

Our strengths

Modified release




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