Towa EU
Towa Pharma Italy,
Spain and Portugal

We are specialists in complex generics. Value
added medicines are our main know-how areas.

Also, we are enhancing our OTC and food supplements portfolio. We operate through the brand Pensa/ToLife among others.

With our work, we seek to contribute to the sustainability of public healthcare systems, equal access to medicines and create a healthy environment for future generations. The quality and excellence of our products together with providing high-quality and efficacy products and services to our patients and society are our main commitments.

We want to be a reliable and appreciated partner for healthcare professionals and pharmacists to contribute to people’s health. For that reason, in 2022, we have changed the name of our three commercial affiliates, being now: Towa Pharmaceutical.

We are still working on some products with our well-known commercial brands, Pensa, in Spain and Italy, and Tolife in Portugal, thinking of doing a voluntary and slow transition in favor of our patients.

Broad portfolio

We are present in more than 20 therapeutic areas. Our portfolio is made up of medicines and products that were developed in-house and others that were developed by third parties as part of our in-licensing agreements. These are essentially generic drugs that are complemented with OTC products to respond to needs that have been identified among our customers. It includes 309 products and 211 licenses.

We are in the top 10 of generic companies in Italy, Spain, and Portugal.